Machine Tending

The New Standard in Machine Tending Automation

We enable you to robotically automate your lathe, mill, stamp press, or 3d printer with a robot arm programmed using our awarding winning visual programming application Task Canvas. Full automation is possible with a short implementation time and a ROI you can attain in one year or less.

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Machine Tending

Automated Loading and Unloading

Easily implement loading robots in a flexible way with little to no learning curve to program the robot. Quick and easy to program, means changeover times drop dramatically and you have less downtime since everyone can maintain the automation programs.

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Machine Tending

Automated CNC Machines

Automate your CNC machines with solutions from READY. Choose the right robot arm for your application and program it intuitively with little to no training. Automate old as well as new machines and avoid lock in and inflexibility from purpose built solutions that are hard to maintain.

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Machine Tending Robotic Automation with READY

Deploy in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Comprehensive plug-and-play integration of robot arm, PLCs, vision systems, force sensors, machine tools, and other peripherals.

Spread ROI across multiple machine tools with all-in-one mobile automation solution, Forge/Station.

Automate every detail including loading, unloading, door open/close, and cycle start/stop.

Automate new CNC machine tools as well as older model lathes and mills with READY Made tools like button and pedal pressers.

Backup, move and copy your Task Canvas programs and access real-time industrial IoT (IIot) analytics for each work cell with our cloud applications.

Integrate the complete work cell using the READY Controller, Forge/Ctrl, that enables connectivity to your CNC machine tool, PLCs, and other peripherals via built in 24V I/O, EthernetIp, Modbus and pneumatics.

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Simplify Automation with Forge/OS

Forge/OS makes it easy to program any robot or cobot, regardless of brand, such as Universal Robots (UR) and FANUC.

Integrate new robots faster and easier, and empower existing workers to manage a diverse fleet of robots.

The visual programming application for automation, Task Canvas gets you into production out of the box in hours vs weeks or months. No lengthy or expensive training in KAREL or URScript required.

Upskill and reskill existing machine operators and other employees who can be trained in hours to program a complete automation solution.

Reduce downtime by enabling virtually anyone in the factory to program and troubleshoot robots.

Dramatically reduce changeover times since program modifications for part changes can be done in hours - not days or weeks.

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Ready MADE Solution

Fast, Easy, Turnkey Automation.

With complete automation packages for mill, lathe, 3d printers, and stamping press tending, READY Automation Packages are designed to automate every detail of machine tending tasks.

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Controller Forge/Ctrl

READY's controller, Forge/Ctrl runs Forge/OS and provides pneumatics, 24V I/O and Fieldbus protocols.

End of Arm Tools

Choose from many end-of-arm tools including pneumatic, electric and vacuum grippers.

Off The Shelf Robots

Integrate with many off-the-shelf robots such as FANUC and Universal Robots.

Use Task Canvas to automate the entire workcell including complex robot motions with easy to use flow chart style programming.

Case Studies

Case Studies

See how READY Robotics customers gain a high ROI by using Forge/OS powered solutions to automate their manufacturing tasks.


Need Fast Deployment and Flexibility, Forge/Station Meets your Needs.

Spread ROI across multiple machines with the all-in-one, mobile automation solution, Forge/Station.

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