Automate Repetitive, Tedious Tasks with Machine Tending

Why automate machine tending?

Produce parts around the clock and reduce job turnaround times. Get more value out of your machine tools by maximizing uptime with robotic automation.

Improve Safety

The Forge/Station never gets distracted.

Produce More

Run your machines 24/7.

Build Value

Free up skilled machinists for more valuable work.

Generate ROI Instantly

Mobility and ease of use of Forge/Station spreads ROI across multiple machines and tasks.

Get Tending

Forge/Station R10 tending a CNC lathe at a Stanley Black & Decker factory

Forge/Station R5 operating a FlexArm Tapping Machine

Forge/Station R10 tending a DMU50 5-axis CNC mill

  • Get into production out of the box within hours vs. weeks or months.
  • Spread ROI easily across multiple machines and tasks.
  • Free up valuable machinists and skilled labor time for more valuable tasks.
  • Safe, reliable and collaborative with Universal Robots R5 and R10.
  • Built tough for those dirty, dangerous, repetitive tasks. 
  • Save your CapEx budgets with our rental program.

Forge/OS is an operating system to run all your robots using the same interface.

  • Powerful Capabilities
  • Simple Interface
  • Control Any Robot
  • Control Any Peripheral
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Case Study

See the Forge/Station in action at ASTec Metal Works

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