Connect Grippers with ease.

Get a strong grip on metal and plastic parts with extreme repeatability and high precision

  • Control pneumatics 
  • Control suction & electric grippers with ease
  • Give your robot sight with vision systems easily


Primary interaction point between the robot and the programmer

  • Control pneumatic, electric and suction grippers
  • Connect your tools easily using the tool collar
  • Easily teach positions with collaborative robots
  • System status indicator
  • Multiple mounting locations on the arm

Digital I/O

Forge/OS Communicates with your MACHINES easily

The industrial world revolves around digital I/O. Our PLC Module makes this powerful connectivity easy to set up and easier to control your process.


Our PLC Module makes connecting 24V I/O a snap, with a simple design and rugged construction.


Our Forge/OS interface for PLC looks just like the physical module, and gives you immediate feedback about what is plugged in.


Use Forge/OS to turn on external I/O outputs, or set the Forge Station to react to received signals from external sources.


  • Standard 24V I/O is a ubiquitous communication protocol.
  • Using Forge/OS, simply send or receive I/O signals.
  • Use the PLC Module to start and stop machine tools, receive inputs from sensors, or monitor processes continuously.