Case Study

Attwood Marine uses Forge/Station to Increase Production Efficiency

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The Business

Atwood Marine is the world’s largest producer of marine accessories. For more than 100 years, Attwood has been the unquestioned award-winning leader in design, development, testing, and manufacturing of the highest quality boat parts and accessories for the marine industry.

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The Challenge

As competitors moved manufacturing overseas, Atwood was struggling to stay cost competitive. They did not want to move their manufacturing overseas, but their high-mix low-volume manufacturing made robotic automation expensive and difficult to justify. They sought a solution that would allow them to reduce manufacturing costs, while keeping manufacturing in the US.

Quotes In our CNC production department, we’re expecting about a 50% reduction in labor costs associated with manufacturing products.
Joe Polasek, Manufacturing Technology Engineer Attwood Marine.

The Solution

READY Robotics allowed Atwood Marine to implement collaborative automation in their domestic manufacturing facilities, enabling them to bring down costs, stay competitive, and keep their manufacturing in the US. Paired with Forge/OS, the Forge/Station provided Atwood Marine with a mobile automation tool that could generate efficiencies across multiple workstations on their production floor, and rapidly switch between tasks, which was critical for their high-mix low-volume production environment. The Forge/Station allowed Atwood Marine to spread ROI across many different product lines, and more rapidly achieve ROI.

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Quotes With our high-mix low-volume it was challenging to justify a robotic system. But now that we can move the robot from location to location, and build on multiple products, we can spread the ROI across multiple product lines.
Joe Polasek, Manufacturing Technology Engineer Attwood Marine.