READY Academy Introduces Certifications

Author: Christie Opiekun

In October we launched READY Academy, an online educational platform where manufacturing professionals can learn to design, deploy, manage and scale automation. We built READY Academy because we view education as a key component to unlocking automation for a wider array of manufacturers. Now, we’re excited to add certification programs to READY Academy, enabling students to earn the designation of READY Certified Robot Programmer.

In addition to new skills that will increase their value on the manufacturing floor, READY Academy certification courses give students verification for the skills they have acquired. The new certification courses also provide employers and educational institutions with highly structured curriculum for workers and students.

Taught by instructors with PhDs in robotics, the newly released certification courses educate students on robot kinematics, the basics of programming a robot, the Forge/OS interface, programming a robot to perform a machine tending task, safety devices, and risk assessments. Upon completion of these courses, students are awarded a certificate recognizing them as READY certified robot programmers.

There are presently three certification courses, with more in development:

Certification: Fundamentals of Robot Programming with Forge/OS

In this intensive course, Kel Guerin, PhD guides you through every step in using Forge/OS to program an industrial robot. From understanding the basics of robot kinematics, to setting up tooling and peripherals, to using the features of Forge/OS, by the end of this course, you will have all of the tools necessary to build and program complex tasks with an industrial robot.

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Certification: Fundamentals of Machine Tending

In this course, Kel Guerin, PhD teaches you the basics and best practices for building out machine tending tasks. You will walk you through the steps of mill and lathe tending, learn techniques for ensuring your task is reliable, and discover proven methods for optimizing your task for maximum efficiency.

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Certification: Principles of Robot Safety in Industrial Automation

In this course, Jake Huckaby, PhD introduces the topic of robot safety. You will learn about some basic safety devices, techniques used in improving workcell safety, and the importance of risk assessments. By the end of the course, you will be able to identify important safety considerations when designing, programming, and running your robot workcell.

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