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News and Updates

06.30.2016 // READY Robotics participated in the grand opening of Under Armour's new Lighthouse facility in Port Covington.  Watch Kevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour, use a READY robot to cut the ribbon in this video.

06.28.2016 // READY Robotics announces its $1.5M Series Seed round led by RRE Ventures and ENIAC Ventures, with participation from Emerald Development Managers and Sagamore Ventures.  See the full release here.

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About READY Robotics

We are a team of (mostly) Johns Hopkins grads with a passion for robotics, seeking to empower the American worker with easy-to-use, collaborative industrial robots.  The company is headquartered in the City Garage center of innovation in the Port Covington area of Baltimore.

READY Robotics Corporation

101 West Dickman Street, Suite 800

Baltimore, MD 21230