Forge Edge

Millions of robots.
One API.

Build software for and get data from trusted brands of industrial robots.

Backed by leaders in technology and automation.

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Trusted robots

READY Robotics is already deployed in production lines in major manufacturing enterprises.

Open API ecosystem

Interface to compatible robots with one standard REST API. Benefit from Swagger docs, tools and clients in Python, JavaScript, C++ and more.

Rapid results

Get started immediately with working examples of web HMIs and cloud service integrations.

Build automation apps that scale

ForgeOS provides standard REST APIs and data streams for developers to build automation apps and integrations compatible with hundreds of models of industrial robots from vendors such as ABB, Epson, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Staubli, Yaskawa and more.

AI & cloud meet trusted automation hardware

From ChatGPT, to the thousands of enterprise apps available through services like Zapier, Forge Edge provides an OpenAPI description making it simple and secure to integrate with the API; no matter what programming language or platform you prefer.

Forged in the factory

Our commitment lies in harnessing the finest capabilities of technology for automation, while always keeping our focus on the people who use it and the challenging environments it will operate in. Forge Edge was meticulously developed and rigorously tested within our expansive 30,000 sqft automation development facility situated in Columbus, Ohio.

Let's get building

Join us in creating the future of robotic automation.