Transform your business with
an Automation Readiness Assessment

Our Automation Readiness Assessment offers a streamlined, expert-led evaluation of automation potential in your production facilities. We assess both traditional and high-mix operations, once thought unfeasible for automation. READY's specialists will survey your sites, pinpointing optimal processes for automation and delivering an actionable, scalable deployment plan for your company.


  • De-risks Automation Decisions: Ties each potential project to a supporting business case and ROI review.
  • Proprietary Benchmarking System: Applies a standardized methodology for prioritizing opportunities.
  • Reduces Time for Critical Decisions: Streamlines the identification and decision-making process for automation deployment.
  • Scalable Program Recommendations: Provides strategies for implementing a scalable automation program for long-term success.
  • Foundational Roadmap Development: Assists in creating a strategy for deploying automation across the enterprise.
  • Comprehensive Overview: Includes detailed analysis of opportunities, technical challenges, and key decision points.

Leveraging READY's Expertise

Partnering with READY Robotics provides us with an opportunity to leverage their expertise as we continue to deploy cutting-edge technology within our operations. Continuous improvement is critical to assuring that we safely service our customers, and this partnership helps us accelerate those efforts by using smart solutions that fit nicely with our history as an innovation leader in the industry
Alex Thomas, Chief Engineer

Clear ROI and Prioritizing Projects for Success

Thanks to READY Robotics, we've significantly reduced drawn-out pre-deployment planning time and boosted our business acumen regarding automation solutions. We especially found value in the use of READY's prioritization matrix. The prioritization matrix showed us which projects we should start with first and which facility we should launch the project where it would have the best chance of success.
Bill Freeman, VP of Continuous Improvement

Quick Wins and Long-term Success in Automation

READY's team worked side by side with us to embark on our evolution, starting from short-term, quick wins to planning a long-term (multi-year) scalable transformation across the enterprise. More importantly, their guidance helped us avoid the costly mistakes that are common with do-it-yourself automation solutions.
Bill Freeman, VP of Continuous Improvement

Safety and Sustainability in Automation

Our partnership with READY Robotics supports our ongoing assessment and initiative to provide a safe environment for all team members. Through close collaboration between READY Robotics and our Modernization, Health and Safety and Packaging Engineering teams, we plan to cultivate material handling safety and related automation for our existing assets and future investments.
Se Oh, VP of Operations Sustainability

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