A Universal Operating System for Industrial Automation

We develop Forge/OS, the world’s first enterprise grade operating system for cross platform robotic automation. Forge/OS runs Task Canvas, our award winning visual programming application, that is the easiest way to control complex robot movements with little to no training.

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READY is Advanced Manufacturing

Our easy-to-use technology and modern interfaces are shaping the future of advanced manufacturing and production. Equipped for global deployment, READY enables more workers to participate in manufacturing worldwide. Our agile, people-centric technology allows mature and emerging markets to rapidly address labor shortages, upskilling, and reskilling.

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Get to a higher ROI, faster, with READY solutions

Manufacturers commonly have one or more of these problems while implementing or managing an existing automation implementation. We provide READY’s Forge/OS-powered solutions.

Robot Agnostic Cross

Introducing a new robot brand onto the factory floor has too many overheads.


Forge/OS makes it easy to program any robot, regardless of brand. This makes integrating new robots faster and easier, and allows existing workers to manage a diverse fleet of robots.

Accelerate Deployment Cross

Automation takes too long to implement.


Deployment measured in hours or days, not weeks or months, is possible with READY's turnkey automation solutions and robot programming tool that anyone can use.

Reduce Downtime Cross

Downtime is inevitable when automation issues can only be solved by highly-trained engineers or integration consultants.


Task Canvas is so easy to learn and use, most READY clients have numerous employees on site (not just automation engineers) who can program, optimize and troubleshoot robots - minimizing downtime.

Maximize Output Cross

Boosting production is challenging when automation is hard to implement, and employees are hard to find.


The user-friendly automation solutions offered by READY allow manufacturers to boost output without new hires. Additionally, intelligent automation frees up existing workers for higher-value tasks.

Reduce Training Costs Cross

Programming robots requires extensive training - knowledge is typically stockpiled one or two employees.


In less than 8 hours, anyone can be proficient programming robots with Task Canvas. It's now feasible to quickly train many redundant resources.

Automate High-Mix Low-Volume Cross

Robots are hard to program, making frequent change-over challenging.


When it's easy to program robots, it's easy to accommodate frequent changeover, program new tasks, and rapidly respond to production changes.

Alleviate Hiring Challenges Cross

Workers are difficult to hire, expensive to train, and challenging to retain.


READY's automation solutions empower manufacturers to solve hiring challenges by augmenting the workforce with automation. This boosts output and frees up existing employees for high-value tasks.

Solve the Machine Interface Cross

Automating some machine tools can be painfully cumbersome.


READY's integration solutions are compatible with advanced manufacturing tools, as well as reliable, decades old machines.

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Program any Robot

From enterprise manufacturers to independent machine shops. From cobots to industrial robots. Task Canvas is a powerful cross-platform, touchscreen programing application that makes programming any robot easy.

A single programming interface enables programming different brands through a common interface.

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Program any robot

Forge Powered Solutions

Reduction in Downtime for integration


Cost reduction for Employee Training


Faster recoup of initial investment


Faster Deployment


Re-purpose & Re-program Quickly


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Case Studies

Case Studies

See how READY Robotics customers gain a high ROI by using Forge/OS powered solutions to automate their manufacturing tasks


Solving the Global Manufacturing Labor Shortage

There is a challenge to train, upskill and reskill manufacturing workers in every country. The World Economic Forum estimates over 1 billion people globally need to be re-skilled by 2030 as technology triggers the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Learn about this global problem, and the technologies READY is developing that help to solve it.