Project Management

From small pilot initiatives to enterprise-wide transformation, our tried-and-true system will ensure the success of your next automation project.

You're in good hands.

Leverage the expertise of READY's seasoned technical project managers to achieve your automated manufacturing targets. Our automation experts and certified systems integrators work with your in-house team  to design and implement solutions that give you total control over every device in your automated workcells.

Don't take any chances on the continued success of your next automation project. Let READY Robotics help get production running and build your roadmap for easy adaptation as your processes and product offerings evolve.

We've got you covered through the entire process.

READY's unique project management solution works with you through the following phases:

Pilot Site Discovery
Enterprise Site Discovery
Project Emerge
Project Initiate
Project Plan
Project Execute
Project Operate & Maintain
Application Support
Enterprise Support
My team is always on the lookout for disruptive technologies, especially ones that democratize a way of doing things. The READY Robotics solution makes it so easy to do pop up automation that not only will it change the way we manufacture but it will also shift the way we design and validate.
Technical Lead, Infrastructure Innovation
Harry Zhong
The Forge/Station frees our operator from non-value added feeding and allows him to perform quality checks while preparing the next run. I am impressed and the applications I have in mind are vast. There are huge opportunities to eliminate all kinds of manual processes.
Mick Arnold
I would never believe that we could achieve changeover in under 60 seconds, but we do exactly that many times a day thanks to ForgeOS.
Manufacturing Operations Director
John Joerg

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