Robotics for the smartphone generation

READY Robotics team
January 3, 2023


People's lives and businesses have become centered on a single, transformational technology this past decade - and that technology is the smartphone.

Industrial automation continues to lag behind. At READY, we see a huge shift in UX expectations and behavioral norms as the first 'digital native' generation enters the workforce. 

READY Robotics is working to bring connectivity and data to smartphone apps. This article takes a look at how to develop robotics applications for Android.

Automatic for the people

Human computer interface. What can seem like a fluffy topic has very real consequences. Take Telsa’s competitive advantage gained by bringing smartphone aesthetics to automotive dashboard, the additional $200m/year revenue Google gained by making a web button more prominent (and having the data to A/B test), or the disastrous implications of avionics controls which don’t consider UX design principles. 

The automation workforce of today, just like everyone else, live their lives on their smartphones. It’s incumbent on our industry to bring automation applications to the smartphone platform in order to make them as effective and productive as possible.

Cool video here maybe

How we did it

General description of how we integrated forge with an Android app

Here's a code example

Also maybe some diagrams

Call to action

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