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Explore the Future of Manufacturing with READY Robotics and SCHUNK at Automate 2024

April 24, 2024

We’re excited to let you know that READY Robotics will be teaming up with SCHUNK at Automate 2024! Find us at the SCHUNK booth, located in South Hall – McCormick, Booth 1402, where we're showcasing the cutting-edge in robotic automation.

This year, we’re especially proud to introduce the Automation Explorer simulation tool, developed using the NVIDIA Omniverse Platform. This innovative tool creates a virtual manufacturing world, letting users interact with SCHUNK’s advanced automation technology in a realistic, simulated environment.

With NVIDIA Isaac Sim™ on the NVIDIA Omniverse™ platform and our own ForgeOS, the operating system that simplifies and enhances robotic automation, Automation Explorer bridges the gap between virtual testing and real-world execution. This seamless integration ensures that both hardware and software perform consistently, whether in simulation or on the shop floor.

Kel Guerin, our co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, is enthusiastic about what this integration means for users. “By linking ForgeOS with NVIDIA Isaac Sim™, users can control any robotic system and SCHUNK accessories in the simulation just as they would in actual operation, ensuring precise and reliable functionality,” he explains.

Milton Guerry, President of SCHUNK USA, also highlights the tool's potential. “Automation Explorer is perfect for anyone looking to get into automation or enhance their existing systems. It allows you to fine-tune and optimize your processes virtually before implementing any physical changes.”

And there’s more—visit our booth and you could win an NVIDIA Jetson! Stop by to learn more about how we’re integrating these powerful tools and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in robotic automation.

We can’t wait to meet you at Automate 2024, where we’re bringing together practical innovations and the latest technologies to tackle the challenges of modern industries. Come see how READY Robotics and SCHUNK are revolutionizing the automation landscape.