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READY Robotics and the Industrial Solutions Network of CED Partner to Empower Industrial Customers with ForgeOS

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June 19, 2023

READY Robotics, a pioneer in innovative automation solutions and Rockwell Automation Technology Partner, announced a strategic partnership with the Industrial Solutions Network (ISN) locations of CED, a leading industrial automation solutions company. The collaboration brings READY’s revolutionary ForgeOS to ISN's customers, unlocking unprecedented productivity.

ForgeOS combines power and simplicity in a single app-based interface for robots, vision systems, conveyors, and other peripherals using common industrial protocols. READY’s unique product not only simplifies task creation, it actually enables live control of automation hardware. This helps reduce deployment time and make changeover faster while empowering operators to troubleshoot and recover from errors, minimizing downtime and freeing up automation specialists to focus on value-added tasks. Whether you’re deploying a robot for the first time or scaling production across facilities globally, ForgeOS is an essential tool for deploying your automation project and keeping it running. 

Through this partnership, the Industrial Solutions Network of CED will leverage its extensive partner network and industry expertise to offer ForgeOS-powered solutions, helping customers stay ahead of the competition, respond effectively to market demands, and optimize their operations for productivity and profitability.

"We are excited to partner with the Industrial Solutions Network of CED to expand the reach of ForgeOS within the industrial landscape," said Benjamin Gibbs, CEO of READY Robotics. "Together, we can equip businesses with the tools to unlock the full potential of automation and achieve new levels of operational excellence. This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission to democratize robotics and make automation accessible to everyone."

"As a leader in the manufacturing industry, the Industrial Solutions Network of CED is committed to offering innovative solutions that enable our customers to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace," said Brandon Bernier, Partner Ecosystem Business Lead at Industrial Solutions Network. "Our partnership with READY Robotics allows us to significantly enhance our offering to customers. ForgeOS brings a game-changing automation platform to the robot cell, expanding beyond just the robot or PLC. We believe this collaboration will revolutionize how businesses approach automation, driving efficiencies and accelerating their growth."

The partnership between READY Robotics and the Industrial Solutions Network of CED represents a significant milestone in the automation industry, combining cutting-edge technology with Rockwell Automation's extensive distribution network, paving the way for the widespread adoption of advanced robotics solutions.

About READY Robotics:

READY Robotics is the developer of ForgeOS, the industrial OS for robots and automation, and a pioneer in cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. Our people-first commitment drives our mission to empower everyone with intuitive tools and educational resources for automation. For more information, please visit

About Industrial Solutions Network:

The Industrial Solutions Network is an interconnected group of manufacturing technology companies working together in a common mission to bring together our people, resources, and our ecosystem of technology and delivery partners to help those that make, build, design, and install things, manufacture to their potential and with confidence.

Combining our network of industrial knowledge and experience from across our 76 locations (and growing), we can develop and provide the tools, services, and resources to help manufacturers and producers get to where they want to be. For more information, please visit