A Modern User Interface for Automation

Forge/OS has completely reimagined what it means to control, program, and operate industrial robots and automation. Built on years of success in real production environments, READY has pushed the boundaries of usability and ease-of-use with Forge/OS 5.

Forge/OS Interface

250 Robots...and Counting

Forge/OS can be integrated with hundreds of industrial and collaborative robots from top OEMs. Forge/OS enables manufacturers to learn one system to control different brands.

Control Robots
& Peripherals

Beyond providing a universal programming platform for robots from many top OEMs, READY has partnered with an extensive list of hardware OEMs, software developers, and machine builders to ensure that the components needed to automate work seamlessly with Forge/OS 5.

Forge/OS Peripherals

Apps for Productivity

Task Canvas

Program Robots No Experience Needed

Task Canvas revolutionizes robot programming. The conversational, flowchart-based programming interface enables anyone to deploy and manage automation with their existing team.

Smartphone-Like Simplicity for Automation

Forge/OS comes with native apps that empower new levels of productivity and efficiency. Forge/OS 5 also supports custom third-party apps - enabling OEMs and developers to use apps specific to their processes.

Forge/Os Mobile
Forge/OS System

Brand Agnostic Automation Operating System

No matter the brand, Forge/OS enables control of robots and peripherals. Easily add, modify and control any device compatible with Forge/OS.

Partner Network

Partner Network

READY has partnered with an extensive list of Forge-certified hardware OEMs, software developers, and machine builders, to create device plugins, apps, and solutions that run seamlessly on Forge/OS.


We welcome developers, OEMs, solution providers, and enterprise customers to develop drivers, custom applications that instantly scale across top robot bands.

Built on Qt and C++, the Forge/OS 5 tech stack empowers a wide range of developers to build apps that unlock automation.

Forge/OS for Developers

Experience Forge/OS for Yourself

Get a personal tour of the intuitive, cross-brand platform that vastly simplifies automation, slashes programming and deployment times, enables anyone to deploy and own automation, and unlocks rapid ROI.