Productivity Apps

Much like the mobile operating systems we’re so familiar with, Forge/OS comes bundled with native apps that empower new levels of productivity and efficiency. Forge/OS 5 also supports custom third-party apps - enabling OEMs and developers to rapidly develop apps that instantly scale across all major robot brands.

Task Canvas

Program Robots No Experience Needed

Task Canvas is a native app on Forge/OS that revolutionizes robot programming. Program industrial and collaborative robots with a user-friendly, No Code, flowchart-based programming interface. Task Canvas empowers anyone on the production floor to program tasks, manage changeover, troubleshoot their Automation.

Logical, Flowchart Programming

Task Canvas simplifies automation programming with easy-to-read, and easy-to-follow flowcharts composed of human readable blocks. Each block controls specific actions of the automation cell. These blocks get combined into a sequence of actions in Forge.

Program Robots No Experience Needed
Intuitive Programming for All Devices

Intuitive Programming for All Devices

Each Task Canvas block has built in parameters and controls that the user can program and interact with. Parameters such as robot speed, gripper functions, I/O signals, Waypoints, Circle motions, Grid moves and many more; all controlled with Task Canvas Blocks.

Device Control

Powerful Features. Simplified Interface.

Control the entire automation cell from one teach pendant.

Easily modify any device parameters through the Forge/OS device configuration interface.

Easy to learn for beginners, and extensive functionality for power users.

Powerful Features

Device Configuration

Never Get Locked Into a Single Brand

Never Get Locked Into a Single Brand

Forge/OS supports industrial and collaborative robots from top OEMs including Yaskawa, FANUC, ABB, Staubli, Epson and UR. With more integrations underway, Forge/OS will soon support robots from ALL top OEMs, empowering manufacturers to choose the right robot for the job - regardless of brand.

Industrial Communication Simplified with Forge/OS

Easily set up and control many types of devices through variety of common industrial protocols including:

  • Ethernet/IP
  • Modbus TCP Master
  • Modbus RTU

We continue to expand the communication capabilities of Forge/OS to support even more devices, and we are actively adding additional fieldbus and communication protocols to Forge/OS.

logo modbus
logo ethernet ip
Industrial Communication Simplified with Forge/OS