Windows ignited the PC Age. iOS unlocked the Mobile Age. Forge/OS 5 will unleash the Automation Age. What will you build on Forge/OS 5?

Build Apps that Scale Across All Top Robot Brands.

Industrial automation is a $200B space, but it’s been off limits to developers. Until now! Forge/OS 5 is the first universal operating system for industrial automation. Developers now have a single, Qt-based platform on which to build apps that scale across top robot brands, peripheral hardware, and software.

Launch the Automation Age

Forge/OS 5 is the first universal operating system for industrial automation - enabling standardized control of any robot or device through APIs. Instead of spending time integrating hardware, focus on building valuable software, algorithms and products that can scale.

Automation Age Automation Age

Built for Builders

Built on Qt and C++, the Forge/OS 5 tech stack empowers a wide range of developers to build apps that unlock automation.

Forge/OS 5 comes with drivers for major robot brands, as well as force sensors, cameras, and other hardware. It also offers a comprehensive collection of communication tools, programming libraries and intuitive interfaces for building a wide variety of automation and robotics applications.

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Ready to Build Something Great

on Forge/OS 5?

What will you build on Forge/OS 5?


Robotic Solutions

Rapidly configure custom robotics solutions on the platform where hardware works seamlessly and robots aren’t limited by brand.



From grippers to cameras to sensors, Forge/OS 5 significantly reduces the level of effort required to integrate new peripherals.



Create applications that simplify complex tasks like palletizing, material handling, or control complex processes like welding, sanding, etc.


Reusable Modules

Offer reusable components, such as motion planners or teleoperation, across applications.



Create apps that make production data more accessible, more visual, and more actionable.



Design custom interfaces that make automation easier to program, control, and optimize.



Design and monetize any service that helps unlock value in manufacturing, intralogistics and beyond. Pay-per-pick, cybersecurity layer, video based training… the sky is the limit!


Non-manufacturing applications

Forge/OS 5 isn’t just for industrial applications or robots. Create automation apps for any environment or application.

Empowering Automation for Everyone

Empowering Automation for Everyone