Palletize with any robot.
Program in minutes.

Program palletizing tasks in minutes. Do it with a single, easy-to-use programming interface that works on top robot brands. Forge/OS + Palletizing Wizard provides a simple, step-by-step solution for programming palletizing, making a complex process fast and intuitive.

Step-by-step, offline programming

Input box and pallet dimensions. Drag and drop virtual boxes to quickly build patterns. Create different patterns for each layer.

Upload your program

Upload your program from a computer to Forge/Ctrl via USB flash drive.

Set two points

Set landmarks for box pick location, and first box placement on pallet, and Palletizing Wizard builds a program for placing all successive boxes.

Run your program!

Paired with Forge/OS, Palletizing Wizard works on multiple brands of Industrial and collaborative robots.

Choose the right hardware - regardless of robot brand

Forge/OS works with many brands of robots and EOAT. Choose the right industrial or collaborative robot for your task or program your pre-existing robot for the task at hand. Select, configure and connect to the right gripper for your palletizing needs with Forge/OS.

Robot 1 Robot 2 Robot 3

Let the Palletizing Wizard do the heavy lifting

Simply enter a few parameters including box dimensions, create your box pattern(s), and Palletizing Wizard automatically choreographs all robotic movement. From picking the first box off the conveyor and placing it in the designated location on the pallet, to picking and placing all successive boxes, Palletizing Wizard programs every detail of robotic movement.

Palletizing with READY

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Powerfull Palletizing

Powerful enough for any palletizing task. Easy enough for anyone to program.

Easily create intricate and varied patterns for each layer of your pallet. Incorporate a lift into your palletizing work cell. Add packing slips between each layer of boxes. It’s all fast and easy with Forge/OS and Palletizing Wizard.

Easily control all peripherals

From the robot to the gripper, conveyor, sensors, and 7th axis, Forge/OS enables easy control of all components of your palletizing work cell.

Control Peripherals

Palletizing Application Guide

Learn the requirements and process for programming robotic palletizing, including designing and installing a palletizing program with READY Palletizing Wizard, configuring hardware and peripherals, as well as palletizing with a Vention 7th Axis.