Integration without all the customization

Forge/Ctrl running Forge/OS, is the key to unlocking automation in a standard way. Interface with machine tools, PLCs, vision systems, force sensors and other peripherals using a standard set of I/O interfaces including pneumatics and fieldbus connectors.

The IBM PC of Automation

Forge/Ctrl running Forge/OS and Task Canvas is setting a new standard for how to implement automation. Forge/Ctrl is a pre-package industrial PC, IP54 rated, running Forge/OS that has the interfaces necessary to automate almost any workcell. Benefit from a standard set of integration components that reduce the controls design needed for most automation scenarios.

Speak with an Automation Expert

Creating an Industrial Plug-and-Play Ecosystem

Integrating robots, PLCs, machine tools, end of arm tools (EOAT) such as grippers, force sensors, vision systems and other peripherals is one of the greatest challenges automating a work cell. By including a standard set of integration options READY is enabling an ecosystem of OEM providers to develop plug-and-play support for Forge/OS. Plug in your device and be able to instantly program it using a building block within the Task Canvas programming application.

READY to integrate Any Task

Forge/Ctrl Comes Out-of-the-box with the interfaces Ready to integrate Any Task

6 Peripheral pneumatic outputs
4 End effector pneumatic outputs
WiFi and LAN connectivity
Dedicated RS485 port for end effectors
8 Input, 8 output 24V I/O, expandable
Dedicated 24V I/O for end effectors
PLC breakout box