The All-in-One Automation Solution

Everything you need to automate - in a single crate. Deploy in minutes. Spread ROI across multiple machines, tasks, and production environments.

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The Swiss-Army Knife of Industrial Automotation

FThe Forge/Station is the perfect entry-point into automation, or the ideal solution for a flexible manufacturing environment. Powered by Forge/Ctrl with Task Canvas, and featuring the Universal Robots (UR)arm of your choice, mounted to a heavy-duty, mobile base. Uncrate. Plug in. Automate!

  • Get up and running in minutes or hours
  • Ideal for high-mix low-volume environments
  • Powerful, yet easy to learn, program and manage
  • Free up valuable machinists for high-value tasks
  • Easily move Forge/Station between work cells
  • IP54-rated: built tough for dirty and dangerous tasks
  • Accommodate rapid change out
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Machine Load and Unload /
Pick and Place
Material Handling / Pick and Place
Parts Inspection
Case packing
Screw and nut driving tasks
Pneumatic tasks
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Launch an Automation Pilot in 45 Days or Less

Forge/Station is the fastest path to a successful automation pilot. Contact us to launch a robotic automation pilot that is positioned for immediate scaling across your factories and enterprise.

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A Safe, Efficient Way to Automate

Featuring Universal Robots arms, the Forge/Station is a collaborative tool designed to work safely side-by-side with workers. No protective cage needed.

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Case Studies

Case Study: ASTec Metal Works

Forge/Station helps leading aerospace supplier boost output, unlock third shift, and deliver highest quality in high-mix, low-volume environment.


Forge/Station UR5e

Safe. Reliable. Tough

Reach Payload Speed
850 mm 5 kg 1m/sec
(33.5in) (11 lbs) (39.4 in/sec)
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Forge/Station UR10e

Bigger. Stronger. Just as safe.

Reach Payload Speed
850 mm 5 kg 1m/sec
(33.5in) (11 lbs) (39.4 in/sec)
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