The All-in-One Automation Solution

Everything you need to automate - in a single crate. Deploy in minutes. Spread ROI across multiple machines, tasks, and production environments.

The Swiss-Army Knife of Industrial Automotation

The Forge/Station is the perfect entry-point into automation, or the ideal solution for a flexible manufacturing environment. Powered by Forge/Ctrl with Task Canvas, and featuring the Universal Robots (UR)arm of your choice, mounted to a heavy-duty, mobile base. Uncrate. Plug in. Automate!

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Machine Load and Unload /
Pick and Place
Material Handling / Pick and Place
Parts Inspection
Case packing
Screw and nut driving tasks
Pneumatic tasks

A Game Changer for your Business

  • Get up and running in minutes or hours
  • Ideal for high-mix low-volume environments
  • Powerful, yet easy to learn, program and manage
  • Free up valuable machinists for high-value tasks
  • Easily move Forge/Station between work cells
  • IP54-rated: built tough for dirty and dangerous tasks
  • Accommodate rapid change out
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Forge/Station UR5e

Safe. Reliable. Tough

Reach Payload Speed
850 mm 5 kg 1 m/s
(33.5 in) (11 lbs) (39.4 in/s)
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Forge/Station UR10e

Bigger. Stronger. Just as safe.

Reach Payload Speed
1300 mm 10 kg 1 m/s
(51.2 in) (22 lbs) (39.4 in/s)
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Launch an Automation Pilot in 45 Days or Less

Forge/Station is the fastest path to a successful automation pilot. Contact us to launch a robotic automation pilot that is positioned for immediate scaling across your factories and enterprise.

A Safe, Efficient Way to Automate

Featuring Universal Robots arms, the Forge/Station is a collaborative tool designed to work safely side-by-side with workers. No protective cage needed.

Accelerate Changeover

Easily control all aspects of your automation process. Quickly program new tasks, or modify current tasks for parts changeover. Reduce programming task time by 80% with task templates.

Case Studies

Case Study: ASTec Metal Works

Forge/Station helps leading aerospace supplier boost output, unlock third shift, and deliver highest quality in high-mix, low-volume environment.