Unleash the power of agile automation with Forge/Station.

Fast System Deployments = Instant ROI

  • Get out of the box and into production within hours vs. weeks or months.
  • Spread ROI easily across multiple machines and tasks.
  • Free up valuable machinists and skilled labor time for more valuable tasks.
  • Safe, reliable and collaborative with Universal Robots R5 and R10.
  • Built tough for those dirty, dangerous, repetitive tasks.
  • Save your CapEx budgets with our rental program.

Called “the swiss-army-knife of automation” by Forge/Station customers for its ability to spread ROI across multiple machines & tasks in production environments.


  • Moves easily on the mobile base.
  • Quickly automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks with the award winning Forge/OS operating system.
  • Program Forge/Station to operate multiple machines in minutes.
  • Retool your robot in minutes with a quick-change plug-and-play tooling interface and an array of end-of-arm-tooling options.
  • Integrate over PLC for more sophisticated control.
  • IP54-rated system withstands industrial environments.
  • Available in 2 different payload capacities 5kg and 10kg.


Safe. Reliable. Tough.

850 mm5kg1 m/sec
(33.5 in)(11 lbs)(39.4 in/sec)


Bigger. Stronger. Just as safe.

1300 mm10kg1 m/sec
(51.2 in)(22 lbs)(39.4 in/sec)

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