The Platform for Industrial Automation

Forge/OS is the world’s first enterprise-grade operating system for industrial automation. A single platform to control robots from the top OEMs, machine tools and the peripherals needed to automate.


Task Canvas

User-Friendly Robot Programming

Task Canvas is the award-winning, No Code programming interface for automation. A revolution in robot programming, Task Canvas’ user-friendly interface enables anyone to program robots and peripherals. Automation has never been easier.


Control Center for Automation

Forge/Ctrl is a powerful, flexible, control center for your workcell. Seamlessly connect and control all of the components needed to automate production, including robot, machine tool, and peripherals.

Automation Packages

Solutions for Lights Out Machine Tending

Powered by Forge/OS, READY Automation Packages include all the hardware and software necessary to automate loading/unloading of mills, lathes and more - including robotic arm to end-of-arm tooling and parts presentation.


All-in-One Automation

Forge/Station is the Swiss Army knife for automation - a flexible automation solution that enables any manufacturer to automate now! Get into production in hours - even with no prior automation experience.

Ready Market

The Marketplace for Automation

The first complete marketplace for automation, READY Market provides a single resource for manufacturers to source the components needed to deploy automation, from a collection of leading hardware suppliers.

Ready Academy

Learn to Design and Deploy Automation

READY Academy is an online educational platform where manufacturing professionals can learn to design, program, and scale automation. Learn the skills needed to deploy advanced manufacturing initiatives.