Software to Simplify Automation

Forge/OS’s smartphone-like, drag-and-drop, flowchart programming interface makes programming robots and automation intuitive. So intuitive, that anyone on the factory floor can now program robots - across brands.

One Platform. Any Brand.

Forge/OS provides a common operating system and programming interface across robotic brands. From FANUC to Yaskawa and other top OEMs, choose the right robot for your application - not the one you happen to be comfortable programming. Slash deployment times, reduce automation cost, and enable anyone on the factory to program robots. Robot programming is no longer a barrier to automation.

Easily control ALL automation

Control every component in the workcell with Forge/OS: robots, peripherals, PLCs, and machine tools. Running on a Forge/Ctrl (IPC), Forge/OS is a powerful, yet easy-to-use brain of your workcell.

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This is what 21st Century Automation looks like

Complex coding, proprietary software, and steep learning curves are a thing of the past. Every aspect of automation can now be controlled by a single, intuitive, powerful program that works across brands.

Anyone can program robots

Forge/OS enables anyone on the factory floor to quickly learn, and program automation. No robotics programming experience necessary. Rapidly modify programs when parts change. Troubleshoot problems in minutes.

Don’t let good robots sit idle

Many robots fall into disuse because the task or part changes and no one knows how to reprogram the robot. Learn how Forge/OS enables manufacturers to make idle robots productive again.


This was our first foray into automation, and it was a complete breeze. We had our Forge system programmed and running parts in a matter of days.

Jerod Kuva
Machinist, Harmonic Machine Inc.

An enterprise-grade OS for industrial automation

Forge/OS is the enterprise-grade operating system for cross-platform automation. Powerful enough to drive complex tasks and work with almost any industrial device, but intuitive enough to enable anyone to program robots - across brands.