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Task Canvas is leading the revolution in user-friendly automation. With a drag-and-drop, flowchart based, touchscreen interface, virtually anyone can program any robot and supporting peripherals. Automation has never been easier.

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Task Canvas

Anyone in the factory can program robots

Task Canvas is so easy to learn and use, in-depth training takes only 2 days. Even with no prior robot programming experience, most are comfortable programming complex tasks in just a few hours.

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One Interface to Program Many Brands

Our cross-platform programming application, Task Canvas allows you to use the same programming interface with many different industrial and collaborative robot brands.

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Smartphone-Like Simplicity

Program any task by dragging building blocks into flowchart style chains: robot control, moving robot, controlling I/O, programming peripherals. With Task Canvas, you’ll never write another line of code.

Complex Tasks Made Simple

Programming complex, multi-step tasks is intuitive, and built-in shortcuts like grid-based movement accelerate setup and changeover.

Intuitive, Streamlined Programming

Task Canvas is designed to streamline all programming tasks. Built in shortcuts include version, deploy, copy and paste tasks from one cell to another, or from one facility to another. These actions should be simple. With Task Canvas they are.

Quotes You made not only the robots easy but also programming the entire task through one simple interface. Now we can actually deploy and repurpose robots quickly.
Brett Byers, Director of Engineering PSI Molded Plastics, Inc.